Last weekend I started reading a book I found in the lab titled “Microprocessors” by Rodnay Zaks. I picked it up sort of randomly to have something to flip-through during reading time. However, after reading the introduction I was excited by the premise of the book: “Microprocessors, and other LSI chips, have made system design […]

FindDay #9

Every Friday I share the five coolest things I’ve found on the web in the last week. 1 – Homemade Liquid Nitrogen Generator https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-liquid-nitrogen-generator/ Who doesn’t like some good-old-fashioned homemade liquid nitrogen?  Perfect for  cooling your superconducting electromagnets on a hot summer day!   2 – DIY Segway https://www.instructables.com/id/Rideable-Segway-Clone-Low-Cost-and-Easy-Build/ Remember the $8,000.00 Segway scooter?  Build […]

DONOR-1 Hits The Road

First stop is the Dodge County YMCA. DONOR-1 will be appearing in the lobby through the month of May, 2017. Fifty-cents a game, come on down and take it for a spin! If you can’t make it to the YMCA we’re lining up additional events now. I’ll post times and locations as the information becomes […]

Sugar’s Journal

One of the coolest features of the Sugar platform (originally the “operating system” that shipped on the One Laptop Per Child project computer) is the Journal. As the name would imply, Sugar’s Journal automatically keeps a log of a user’s activity. Since it’s an operating system-level component, it only only journals activity in a specific […]