Come Play Between the Lakes

Goodbye ReStore, This week, DONOR-1’s stay at the Beaver Dam Habitat for Humanity ReStore came to a close. We are very thankful of the ReStore for hosting DONOR-1 through the winter months, but now that the snow has finally melted it’s time for a new adventure. Hello Madison! We’ve heard from a lot of people […]


Based on feedback, conversations and thoughts about the short and long-term goals of the RAIN project I’ve decided to make some changes to the naming convention of the series. I’m renaming RAIN Mark II from Personal Supercomputer to Supercomputer Trainer. The term “trainer” refers to education-oriented machines and systems (typical of the 70’s and 80’s) […]

Hackaday Prize Entry 2018

I’ve entered RAIN Mark II in the 2018 Hackaday Prize. This isn’t the first project I’ve entered in the Hackaday Prize (I think I’ve only missed one year) but this is the first time I have a project which appears to have some traction in the competition. At first I had very low expectations for […]

Arms & Legs

Technically, the Clusterboard fits inside the case I’ve been designing around, but it doesn’t fit inside the “endcaps” so it can’t be mounted directly to the steel of the case using the mounting holes on the board. To address this, I sketched-up some adapters to “relocate” the mount points somewhere more appropriate. Since I’m still […]

Front Panel Software

The front panel of RAIN-PSC serves three essential purposes: Show the status of each node Show the load on each node Look really cool The panel is actually eight individual control panels (one for each node in the cluster). Each panel consists of five LEDs and a toggle switch. The switch selects between two display […]