Laser Time!

Last weekend I spent most of a Saturday at the Idea Studio working on Mark II’s front panel. A few weeks earlier I earned my laser cutting badge, so I knew the basics of operating the laser but I’ve never actually used one on a project before. So the first step was learning the workflow […]

An Identity Co-op

A co-op that operates an identity provider and advocates for the use of this provider by the services used by the co-op’s members. Consumer Perspective One way to sign-on to all the sites you use (sometimes referred to as single sign-on) Member control over what personal information is collected by the co-op and what is […]


A few weeks ago I posted on Mastodon that I’ve never built anything I felt was the best work I could have done (it may have been more specific to programming, but you get the idea). I’ve done work that is good and that I’ve been proud of, but nothing I would consider “perfect”. Each […]


A recipe for semi-autonomous art galleries. I know a lot of people who like to buy art, and I know a lot of people who make art. Until we implement basic income, artists need a way to make a living in order to keep making art, so it seems like a natural fit for artists […]

DONOR-1 – Beaver Dam ReStore

DONOR-1 will be spending the snowy months cozily entertaining customers (and hopefully not annoying employees too much) at the Beaver Dam Habitat for Humanity ReStore. DONOR-1 arrived at the ReStore last week (during the first significant snowfall) but unfortunately decided to act-up.  After bringing the control panel back to the laboratory, it turned out the […]