Reading about Low-Tech Magazine’s solar powered website got me thinking about Preposterous again, specifically in regard to the low-overhead nature of Preposterous’s architecture. When I created Preposterous, I was “scratching a personal itch”, but as a side-effect created a modestly-powerful blogging platform with exceptionally low resource consumption and impressive scalability. While reading the about the […]

Hackaday Prize Entry 2018

I’ve entered RAIN Mark II in the 2018 Hackaday Prize. This isn’t the first project I’ve entered in the Hackaday Prize (I think I’ve only missed one year) but this is the first time I have a project which appears to have some traction in the competition. At first I had very low expectations for […]

Open Digital 8

I’ve often complained that no one seems to make a proper indie movie camera anymore. There are phones with cameras and there are still cameras that can shoot movies and there are even “action cams” which can be mounted anywhere and take enormous abuse, but there doesn’t seem to be a modern equivalent to the […]

Summertime and Lazy Days

After publishing this week’s FindDay post I realized that the last three posts on this blog have been FindDay’s, which means it’s been almost a month since I’ve written about any of our own projects.¬† This might give you the impression that not much has been going on around the laboratory. Actually, there’s a lot […]