Stepbot and

As mentioned in earlier posts, one of my goals for reviving the Stepbot project was to get it working with When my friend Chase introduced me to I was excited because they provide a platform for allowing anyone to control telepresense robots through a web interface, and they provide source code for the […]

Stepbot – Brain Drain

As I’ve mentioned before one of my ambitions for Stepbot is to make it work with Using code from their Github repository as a guide, I merged this with Stepbot’s firmware and after a bit of tweaking, success! However, I ran into a bit of a snag. Although control is working well, I had […]

Stepbot – Untethered!

With a little double-sided tape and a complete disregard for aesthetic beauty (and reasonable electrical insulation practices), Stepbot is able to move around as a self-contained unit! Obviously there is work to do in terms of getting the parts to fit inside the shell (or alternatively, enlarge the shell a bit) but the cool thing […]

Stepbot – Revival

In a previous post I introduced the Stepbot project and discussed the original motivations, ideas and the resulting implementation.  In this post I’ll be documenting the process of moving from an Arduino-based control system to using a Raspberry Pi. The first step is preparing a Raspberry Pi to use as the brains of the robot.  […]


Stepbot is designed to be a simple, general-purpouse robot platform designed around inexpensive unipolar stepper motors.  The design was inspired by the “turtle” robots that were used used in conjunction with the LOGO language to teach programming in the 1980’s. I had forgotten about this project until about a week ago when I was organizing […]