Reading about Low-Tech Magazine’s solar powered website got me thinking about Preposterous again, specifically in regard to the low-overhead nature of Preposterous’s architecture. When I created Preposterous, I was “scratching a personal itch”, but as a side-effect created a modestly-powerful blogging platform with exceptionally low resource consumption and impressive scalability. While reading the about the […]

Front Panel Software

The front panel of RAIN-PSC serves three essential purposes: Show the status of each node Show the load on each node Look really cool The panel is actually eight individual control panels (one for each node in the cluster). Each panel consists of five LEDs and a toggle switch. The switch selects between two display […]

An Identity Co-op

A co-op that operates an identity provider and advocates for the use of this provider by the services used by the co-op’s members. Consumer Perspective One way to sign-on to all the sites you use (sometimes referred to as single sign-on) Member control over what personal information is collected by the co-op and what is […]


A few weeks ago I posted on Mastodon that I’ve never built anything I felt was the best work I could have done (it may have been more specific to programming, but you get the idea). I’ve done work that is good and that I’ve been proud of, but nothing I would consider “perfect”. Each […]


A recipe for semi-autonomous art galleries. I know a lot of people who like to buy art, and I know a lot of people who make art. Until we implement basic income, artists need a way to make a living in order to keep making art, so it seems like a natural fit for artists […]

Raiden Mark II – Chassis

Note: This is a long one.  I’ve been neglecting documenting the project so this post is a catch-up for the last few weeks of work.  Future updates will be more frequent and bite-sized. When I think about how to arrange and contain the single-board computers (SBC’s) that make-up the computational part of Raiden Mark II, […]