A Universal Hierarchical Designer

When I start working on a new project I often start by breaking the system into a few large parts and then incrementally defining the details inside those parts. I do this recursively, working on smaller and smaller levels of granularity until the grain-size matches whatever I’m implementing the system in (code, electronic components, Lego, […]

FOSS isn’t capitalism

It’s storytime children. Once upon a time there were no personal computers. All the electronic computers (going forward simply “computers”) were big and expensive and as such were owned by corporations, universities or the government. If you wanted to use one, you had to get permission and share. That changed around 1970 with the invention […]

Pump the Brakes

Looks like work on RAIN Mark II will be slowing-down a bit for a couple of reasons: First, the snow has receded which means work that can only be done during the month we call “summer” takes priority over anything that can be done inside (plus there’s just lots of fun things to do outside…). […]

An Identity Co-op

A co-op that operates an identity provider and advocates for the use of this provider by the services used by the co-op’s members. Consumer Perspective One way to sign-on to all the sites you use (sometimes referred to as single sign-on) Member control over what personal information is collected by the co-op and what is […]


A few weeks ago I posted on Mastodon that I’ve never built anything I felt was the best work I could have done (it may have been more specific to programming, but you get the idea). I’ve done work that is good and that I’ve been proud of, but nothing I would consider “perfect”. Each […]

Why Personal Supercomputers?

I’ve known for a long time that I was made to build fast computers. This passion for speed covers several areas of my interests but it is in computers where I have the most ability to contribute to creating the fastest machines. However what I’ve learned in the last few years is that the value […]

Remember MS-DOS?

Over the weekend I rebuilt my cheap laptop and installed a version of Linux with no graphical interface. The machine boots-up to a text-mode login prompt and once logged-in, you have a big black screen and a command prompt at the bottom. Maybe this doesn’t sound that exciting, but it’s been at least 20 years […]