Experimenting with FORTH

I’ve come across the FORTH programming language a few times in the past (notably as the foundation one of my favorite personal computers) and while it seemed interesting, I couldn’t come up with an application for it that justified the time I’d need to invest learning it. More recently I came across a series of […]

Control 4 appliances for about $10 with Alexa

A while back I wrote about controlling an LED via Alexa by using an ESP8266 to emulate a switch that Alexa natively supports. This is interesting as a proof-of-concept, but not terribly useful. In this post I’ll be applying the same concept to the LinkNode R4 board which combines an ESP8266 with four relays capable […]


I started a little project about a week ago called gitprintable. There’s not really anything to it yet, but I wanted to post something about it so I don’t forget about it again. The idea is simple: a way to browse and search for printable models people have uploaded to Github. Why? There’s a few […]