Come Play Between the Lakes

Goodbye ReStore, This week, DONOR-1’s stay at the Beaver Dam Habitat for Humanity ReStore came to a close. We are very thankful of the ReStore for hosting DONOR-1 through the winter months, but now that the snow has finally melted it’s time for a new adventure. Hello Madison! We’ve heard from a lot of people […]

DONOR-1 – Beaver Dam ReStore

DONOR-1 will be spending the snowy months cozily entertaining customers (and hopefully not annoying employees too much) at the Beaver Dam Habitat for Humanity ReStore. DONOR-1 arrived at the ReStore last week (during the first significant snowfall) but unfortunately decided to act-up.  After bringing the control panel back to the laboratory, it turned out the […]

Milwaukee Makerfaire 2017

A couple weeks ago DONOR-1 took a roadtrip to Milwaukee Makerfaire! The excitement began with a very nice write-up of the project (as well as some other things we’ve worked on) in a Maker Spotlight post on the Make Magazine blog. Friday night before the faire we headed to The Idea Studio to pick-up the […]

DONOR-2 Springs to Life

A lot has happened in the last two weeks. After six iterations of corner designs, the display is securely attached. The top of and the bottom of the cabinet are painted and overall it’s starting to take its final form. Starting with a table saved us a lot of cabinet-building time, but we need a […]

DONOR-2 – This time it’s portable

Over the last few months we’ve slowly been accumulating parts for the next charity arcade machine DONOR-2. Applying what we’ve learned from DONOR-1, we came up with a few design criteria: Improve portability Something that doesn’t require a full-sized pick-up to transport. Ideally something that can be transported by one person. Cabinet simplicity Most of […]

More Field Repair & a Makerfaire

Last week DONOR-1 required another service call to The Idea Studio. This time it was squealing like a pig and with some help from Josh we were able to diagnose this as a problem with the coin acceptor. We waited about a week for the replacement part and headed to Fond du Lac to verify […]


DONOR-1 is on the road again! This time it’s headed to The Idea Studio at the Fond du Lac Public Library. We’re very excited to have The Idea Studio hosting DONOR-1, however after it arrived at the Studio, we received a troubled message from Josh. Josh said the machine fired-up and for the most part […]