FindDay #8

Every Friday I share the five coolest things I’ve found on the web in the last week. 1 – PiVPN There’s been a lot of talk about VPN’s recently due to changes in Internet privacy laws in the U.S. and U.K. (and certainly elsewhere as well). However, VPN’s are notoriously difficult to setup and […]

Charity Arcade – All Together Now

Last weekend Ma & Pops brought the cabinet up to the lab, and it looks amazing. Now just screw the control panel to the rest of the cabinet and call it a day, right? Not exactly. This was the first time the control panel would be fit into the cabinet. There’s a lot that could […]

FindDay #7

Every Friday I share the five coolest things I’ve found on the web in the last week. 1 – Gobot I’ve been looking for an excuse to do some Go programming for years. A friend on Mastodon pointed out the Gobot project, which is designed to make it easy to use Go to power […]


For a few years I’ve wanted to build a robot lawnmower. Not for any practical reason (our lawn is not big enough to demand it), mostly just because I like robots. I’ve seen a few robot lawnmowers, but for the most part they are large and kind of like remote-control riding mowers. What I have […]

Recent Advances in Machine Intelligence

There’s a lot of discussion recently about the increasing number of advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Based solely on the number of products and projects that are yielding results, it would appear that progress in these fields is accelerating.  Pursuit of Artificial Intelligence has been a staple of computer science since the beginning, […]

Charity Arcade – Control Panel

In our last installment, dad sent me home with a board that was destined to become a home for the screen, controls and numerous hidden bits of the arcade machine.  I call this the “control panel”.  Last weekend we had a chance to dig into putting the “control” into the panel… We’d noodled on a […]