Come Play Between the Lakes

Goodbye ReStore,

2018-05-16 16.54.01

This week, DONOR-1’s stay at the Beaver Dam Habitat for Humanity ReStore came to a close. We are very thankful of the ReStore for hosting DONOR-1 through the winter months, but now that the snow has finally melted it’s time for a new adventure.

Hello Madison!

We’ve heard from a lot of people who want to check-out DONOR-1 but didn’t find themselves near any the places who have hosted us so far. I’m very happy to announce that Horizon Coworking has offered to host DONOR-1 in downtown Madison, Wisconsin!

2018-05-16 18.45.17

Conveniently located right on the capital square, Horizon is accessible by foot, bike, bus and car and should make it easier for more people to get a chance to play and support some local organizations.

Speaking of which, DONOR-1 will be raising funds for a number of Madison organizations during its time at Horizon, beginning with Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAiS).

In addition to being a great place for DONOR-1 to live for awhile, we’re noodling on new ways to collaborate with the folks at Horizon to explore new ideas we have for this machine as well as how we can find more ways to use technology to support work for social good.

Horizon Coworking is located at 7 N Pinckney Street, Suite 300, Madison, WI.  Take the front stairway (or central elevator) to the third floor and follow the hall toward the back of the building (or turn left when you exit the elevator).  You’ll find DONOR-1 among the tables and couches lovingly referred to as the “Nerd Deck”. Be sure to bring some quarters (50 cents per game)!

Hope to see your initials on the scoreboard!

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