Raiden -> RAIN

I’ve decided to rename the Raiden project to RAIN, or Redundant Array of Integrated Nodes1.

The primary motivation behind this is that I found out there’s already another supercomputer named Raiden, and it’s on the GREEN 500 list (which I hope to one day join). Since they made the list first it feels like bad form to steal their name, so it’s time for a change.

As fond of the name as I am, it was chosen rather arbitrarily so I’m OK with giving it up. I started thinking about this change a few months back and settled on RAIN a week or two ago.

Names are always hard, but based on some feedback from fans of the project I’m satisfied with RAIN. In the following weeks I’ll be updating references to the project with the new name as well as renaming repositories, etc.

1RAIN is also something of a pun, as it’s what you get when a cloud falls down…

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