DONOR-1 – Beaver Dam ReStore

DONOR-1 will be spending the snowy months cozily entertaining customers (and hopefully not annoying employees too much) at the Beaver Dam Habitat for Humanity ReStore.


DONOR-1 arrived at the ReStore last week (during the first significant snowfall) but unfortunately decided to act-up.  After bringing the control panel back to the laboratory, it turned out the monitor had reset itself to factory settings and was going into power-save mode after 15 minutes or so.

After a little debugging and a lot of testing, the panel was reassembled and returned to the rest of the cabinet.  After a quick game of Time Pilot the field testing was complete and DONOR-1 was ready for business.

If you are in the area be sure to stop in, drop a few quarters and check out the store!

Funds collected by DONOR-1 will be donated to Habitat for Humanity to support their mission of providing shelter and self-reliance (as well as the side-effect of operating an excellent place to get parts for projects!).

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