PINE64 Clusterboard

This week I learned that PINE64 (the company who makes the boards used in Mark II) released a new piece of hardware that could accelerate my work on RAIN PSC considerably. The PINE64 Cluster Board combines a gigabit Ethernet switch with seven SODIMM slots (along with the associated support components) into a single mini-itx sized […]

RAIN and WebAssembly

While reading a recent Mozilla blog post it occurred to me that several of the challenges described in the post overlap with common challenges faced by high-performance computing clusters. Specifically the problem of granularity and distributing processing load across multiple processing units. I’ve largely ignored WebAssembly for a number of reasons but as it turns […]

Fits and Starts

I redesigned the 3d printed parts of the compute module so they can be printed within the build envelope of the Monoprice Mini Delta (I really need to write a review of that printer sometime). The reason for this is that I need to iterate on these modules faster and due to it being winter […]

Raiden -> RAIN

I’ve decided to rename the Raiden project to RAIN, or Redundant Array of Integrated Nodes1. The primary motivation behind this is that I found out there’s already another supercomputer named Raiden, and it’s on the GREEN 500 list (which I hope to one day join). Since they made the list first it feels like bad […]

Laser Time!

Last weekend I spent most of a Saturday at the Idea Studio working on Mark II’s front panel. A few weeks earlier I earned my laser cutting badge, so I knew the basics of operating the laser but I’ve never actually used one on a project before. So the first step was learning the workflow […]

An Identity Co-op

A co-op that operates an identity provider and advocates for the use of this provider by the services used by the co-op’s members. Consumer Perspective One way to sign-on to all the sites you use (sometimes referred to as single sign-on) Member control over what personal information is collected by the co-op and what is […]