Pietenpol Annual Reunion

Last weekend I visited the annual Pietenpol reunion for the first time. I’ve been meaning to go for years (it’s only about an hour and a half away), but something always came up. This year I made an extra effort to go because my friend Dave (who is building a Pietenpol of his own) was […]

Amazon Basics Keyboard & Mouse

So let’s see how much keyboard you get for $15. It’s better than expected. It works when plugged-in, none of the keys are broken and it actually has a little physical and auditory feedback. So far so good. The Enter key is in the right place and is the right shape. The Backspace key is […]

Build vs Buy

This dilemma is one of the hardest problems in software.  The problem exists in many other spheres, but I think it’s worst in software because it’s so hard to understand the cost of either option at the time the choice has to be made. This is further complicated by the fact that those who are […]

Open Digital 8 – Alignment

While waiting on parts, I did a number of experiments with the original Raspberry Pi camera module I have to see if I could capture some pictures through the Super8 camera’s lens.  I started by simply trying to point the camera module at the aperture and ran into a few problems. The first was that […]

Sweating Net Neutrality

Just to be clear, I support net neutrality. I think it’s essential to the function of the Internet, and I think anything else is contrary to the design of the network. That said, I think our time would be better spent engineering a solution to the problem that net neutrality aims to solve, which itself […]