Beaten to the punch?

If you’ve been following my Raiden project you’ll understand my mixed-emotions about this announcement at the Supercomputing 17 conference. It would be easy to take this as a defeat, since many of my ambitions and design choices for the Raiden project overlap with this product in many ways, and had I started the project when […]

Remember MS-DOS?

Over the weekend I rebuilt my cheap laptop and installed a version of Linux with no graphical interface. The machine boots-up to a text-mode login prompt and once logged-in, you have a big black screen and a command prompt at the bottom. Maybe this doesn’t sound that exciting, but it’s been at least 20 years […]

Raiden Roadmap (10/2017)

I’ve written a little bit about the overall goals of the Raiden project in the past. Now that I’ve spent more time thinking about it (and especially because I’ve spent more time working on it) I have a more crystallized vision of what lies ahead. Mark I The purpose of Raiden Mark I was to […]

Seeing the future

Seeing the price of Bitcoin tonight, I’m lamenting how I could be eliminating swaths of debt had I followed my own advice and invested in mining more ‘coin many years ago.  I knew then that Bitcoin would either explode in value or fail completely in a year or two. I’ve always had a knack for […]


It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with Raiden. This is partly because I’ve been swamped with other projects and partly because it was summer and running the cluster made things uncomfortably (dangerously?) warm in the lab. Now that Makerfaire is past and winter is coming, I took some time to resume my pursuit of […]

Milwaukee Makerfaire 2017

A couple weeks ago DONOR-1 took a roadtrip to Milwaukee Makerfaire! The excitement began with a very nice write-up of the project (as well as some other things we’ve worked on) in a Maker Spotlight post on the Make Magazine blog. Friday night before the faire we headed to The Idea Studio to pick-up the […]