Reading about Low-Tech Magazine’s solar powered website got me thinking about Preposterous again, specifically in regard to the low-overhead nature of Preposterous’s architecture. When I created Preposterous, I was “scratching a personal itch”, but as a side-effect created a modestly-powerful blogging platform with exceptionally low resource consumption and impressive scalability. While reading the about the […]

Mark IIb and breaking the 20 Gflops barrier

Now that Mark II has been operational more regularly, I’ve noticed that working on it in the current case is really inconvenient. Something with a removable top would make a lot more sense (which is why machines of a similar design had this feature), but when I started designing Mark II I couldn’t find anything […]

A Universal Hierarchical Designer

When I start working on a new project I often start by breaking the system into a few large parts and then incrementally defining the details inside those parts. I do this recursively, working on smaller and smaller levels of granularity until the grain-size matches whatever I’m implementing the system in (code, electronic components, Lego, […]


There were a number of errors in my last post. Error #1 The most egregious was in my interpretation of the high-performance Linpack (hpl) results. I was mystified by the fact that as I added nodes to the cluster performance would improve to a point and then suddenly drop-off. I attributed this to some misconfiguration […]

Back in Bl..ue

Thanks to a gracious gift of gadgetry for Fathers Day, I was able to spend last weekend increasing Mark II’s computing power to maximum capacity! Not only did I have the parts, but I also had the time (again thanks to Jamie & Berty) and had very ambitious plans for pushing Mark II across the […]

FOSS isn’t capitalism

It’s storytime children. Once upon a time there were no personal computers. All the electronic computers (going forward simply “computers”) were big and expensive and as such were owned by corporations, universities or the government. If you wanted to use one, you had to get permission and share. That changed around 1970 with the invention […]