Commercial Innovation

Contrary to popular belief, the greatest thing Steve Jobs helped create was NeXT Computer, and it was a commercial failure. What does that tell you about commercialism? By chance I watched a video called “The Machine to Build the Machines”. If the title sounds familiar it’s because Elon Musk has been using a similar phrase […]

Charity Arcade Machine

A year or so ago Jamie shared a link about a project in Sweden where modified video game arcade machines were placed in airports and used to collect money for charity.  Being the philanthropic type, she wanted one to raise money for local charities.  We weren’t able to find much more information about the project […]

Review – Docooler Pen Mouse

I don’t remember where but somewhere I heard the term “pen mouse” and I was surprised to see that there were a number of inexpensive ones available. I added the least expensive one I could find to my Amazon Wishlist and received one a few weeks later from my mother on my birthday. This was […]